Denim through the seasons

Like the classic black dress and white tee, a pair of denim jeans is seen as a wardrobe staple. Chances are high that you recycle denim season after season for many different looks – in fact, you’re very likely to be wearing a denim item right now.
Denim through the seasons
In 1969, a writer for African Fabrics magazine declared denim as “one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.” Donna McPherson, buying manager at value retailer Ackermans, agrees.

“Denim’s popularity is due to its timeless appeal and versatility – we see it reinvented season after season. Unlike other fabrics such as corduroy or linen which go in and out of fashion, we never seem to tire of denim.”

Donna shares a few fun facts about this eternally popular fabric.
When did denim first become popular?

Denim first become popular for casual wear in the 1950s. Teenagers, rebelling against the more conservative generation of their parents, started to include denim in their everyday wear. It wasn’t long before designers began to play around with different styles.

Style through the eras

The late 60s saw ‘bell bottoms’ come into fashion, followed by the ‘punk’ look of the 70s where denim featured rip and patch detail. The early 2000s saw the rise of ‘skinny jeans’, with this sleeker aesthetic popular among teens all the way up to those in their 30s.

The evolution of colour

Denim’s most popular colour is blue. The fabric used to be dyed using natural indigo from the plant Indigofera tinctoria, but is now coloured using synthetic dyes.

Denim in bright or sorbet/candy shades became fashionable in the ’80s. Almost a decade ago, denim in multiple hues made another comeback and has since evolved into a fashion staple.

Denim through the seasons
Led by Europe and Miami, in summer 2016 we started to see shaded denim raise its head again, this time in washed neon tones.

Even with the ongoing popularity of coloured denims, many people are still most comfortable in shades of indigo, and this remains the most purchased.

Dress it up or dress it down

Denim is versatile and can be worn for just about any occasion. Dress skinny jeans up by pairing it with a beautiful blouse, well-fitted blazer and stilettos, or dress it down by wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans with your favourite sneakers and a tee.

Wear and tear

Not only is denim versatile, the cotton twill material is also incredibly durable – making it perfect for adults and active kids. When looked after properly, denim can last for many seasons to come.

Says Donna, “Denim is an essential in every wardrobe – it’s a fabric that lends itself to multiple interpretation and re-imagination, and truly deserves its ‘classic’ status.”