The One Club launches free global Covid-19 Jobs Board

Article found on BizCommunity

The One Club has announced the launch of The One Club Covid-19 Jobs Board, a free service to support the industry during the global pandemic by connecting job seekers around the world with agencies, design studios, production companies and brands looking to fill open positions.

The free service is open to the entire industry, including individuals at all levels of experience in all departments looking for full-time and project work, freelance assignments and internships. One Club membership is not required to participate.

Any agency, studio, production company or brand around the world can submit postings for immediate openings, as well for job opportunities expected in the future once the pandemic is over.

While economic instability has led some firms to tighten budgets and reduce workforces, others are still looking to fill positions. Upon learning last week of openings from some One Club corporate member agencies, Justin Epstein and Louis Geist, who head up the club’s Membership department, quickly created a simple form for posting openings. The form links to a page listing all job openings.

The team then contacted other corporate member agencies and offered the platform as a free service for them to list openings. In just a few days, The One Club Covid-19 Jobs Board had more than 180 job openings posted.

“We needed to act quickly to help people whose jobs have been affected by the pandemic, and this was the easiest, fastest way to connect people with job openings,” said Epstein, One Club corporate member and chapter manager. “It’s a simple, no-frills platform that can make a real difference for both parties.”

“The One Club’s mission is to support and celebrate the creative community,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of the global nonprofit organisation.

“Everyone knows about the ‘celebrate’ part, with programs like The One Show. This new jobs board is an example of the ‘support’ we can offer to the industry, acting as a conduit to connect the global community with job opportunities.”