StartupStory: Neighbourgood, the coliving and coworking community

Article written by Evan-Lee Courie on BizCommunity


Born out of the pandemic, in July 2020, Neighbourgood was created with the intention to change the landscape of property in South Africa. Tshedza Magugumela, community manager of Neighbourgood, shares more.

Can you tell us a bit about Neighbourgood?

Neighbourgood is a coliving and coworking community, focused on bringing good to neighbourhoods by repurposing space across the city of Cape Town. Since launching the company in July 2020, we now have six living and working spaces in De Waterkant, Green Point, City Bowl, and Woodstock. Our aim is to change the way people live and work, by giving them a world-class network of spaces and a platform to live a good life.

When, how and why did you get started?

Born out of the pandemic, in July 2020, Neighbourgood was created with the intention to change the landscape of property in South Africa. Companies downsized and needed more efficient spaces; people living in apartments were isolated and in search of community, and so it was our mission to be at the forefront of providing a solution for them. Moreover, we wanted to give new hope to the City of Cape Town and South Africa as a whole, by being a shining light at the end of what seemed to be the dark tunnel of the pandemic.

What is the core function of Neighbourgood?

Our core function is centered around providing people with thoughtfully designed, all-inclusive living and working spaces that offer exceptional amenities and a connected community. The beauty of Neighbourgood is that the experience is curated by our team and our members, bringing collaborative ideas to life.

Coworking has been a blossoming trend for some time now. Tell us about the decision to create a coliving environment?

Coliving has been widely adopted all over the world. With Cape Town’s rich history and global perception as a hub for local and foreign travellers alike, the need to give people a place to live was a no-brainer. It’s often said that living in Cape Town feels like living abroad, so who wouldn’t want to feel like their home is a holiday? We’ve got locations for every type of person around the city of Cape Town, so you’re never too far from Neighbourgood.

Who is your target market?

Everyone is welcome at Neighbourgood! From digital nomads, young professionals and grad students, to creatives, entrepreneurs and travelers, we have a spot for you. We thrive on diversity and inclusion, and we love people that love people.

Since inception, what are some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

Giving coliving the space it needs for people to be interested in adopting this lifestyle has required an education process because while co-working has been around for some time in South Africa, the concept of coliving is still new. We see the combination of both as our biggest opportunity. We’re built to provide solutions to the problems our members face.

Running a business during the pandemic has of course been challenging, including the frequent lockdowns, the economic decline as well as launching a brand-new company in the midst of it all. Ultimately, if there is anything Covid has taught us is that we are all searching for community and that’s what our spaces offer. So through all the challenges we have faced, we see an opportunity to help solve a problem and in doing so, bring good to neighbourhoods.

Soon Neighbourgood East City will be launching. Tell us more about this.

Neighbourgood East City is a dynamic coliving space in the heart of Cape Town CBD. As the home of the iconic Townhouse Hotel, its significance in the history of Cape Town is one which we appreciate, and we have chosen to have some of the existing design remain to form part of the new history that we will build here. With 100+ coliving suites, a coworking space, a MasterChef style shared kitchen, a delightful cafe on ground floor (Bread, Milk and Honey), a barbershop, electric scooters, community events and more, Neighbourgood East City is the perfect place for anyone to come and stay with us for a day or for a year.

What’s the criteria for someone wanting to join Neighbourgood?

The criteria is simple: If you’re a good human, you love collaboration over competition, you’re looking for convenience and affordability, and you can add value to our community in even the smallest way, then we want you to come and live or work with us!

Is there anything else you would like to share about Neighbourgood?

Neighbourgood East City officially opened its doors on the 1 August. We are hosting a launch week from 16-20 August and as part of that, we are giving away a free week’s stay for 100 people! If you’ve been looking for a sign to go on holiday, take a staycation or you’d like to experience what being a Neighbourgood member is all about, now is the time! Check out our Instagram page (@neighbourgood_sa) for more information.

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