The #JetLoveYourself campaign is everything that the fashion industry needs

This article was written by Antoinette Muller and originally appeared in The South



Jet is undergoing a bit of a rebrand at the moment and it has announced itself with a bang. The #JetLoveYourself campaign is making waves on social media for the simplest reason: it uses every day sized women and features diverse models.

By the fashion industry’s standard, these women would be labelled “plus-size” because according to the fashion industry, women above size eight are considered “plus”. Of course, if you go into a retail store, “plus sized clothing” will usually be a size 16 and up, but when it comes to modelling agencies, anything that’s not incredibly skinny is thought of as “plus”.

That’s why this campaign is so amazing, it’s trying to smash the perspective that there even is such a thing as “plus-size”. Whether you are super skinny or a bit more curvy doesn’t matter and what size you are should not determine whether you love yourself or not. It also reminds women that they are more than their size.

While the concept of using normal sized women isn’t anything new (Dove has done it for years), it’s quite new in South Africa.  Inspiring body positivity and teaching women that their bodies should not be held up by the fashion industry’s warped standards is a great thing.

It’s sad that we still have to celebrate this as something revolutionary, but it’s a start. Now, over to you, rest of South Africa’s fashion brands…